High Point University: NC Facility Looks Like a University Disney Would Create

High Point University, located in North Carolina, has spent more than $700 million to renovate its facilities to include swimming pools, hot tubs, a movie theater, and other amenities.

The school boasts high-quality sports facilities, a free first-class restaurant with five-course meals, a free ice cream truck, a game room, a golf course, and other free things. 

The president of the university is Nido R Qubein, a millionaire from Jordan, who raised the hundreds of millions to make the campus better.

“I’m in the business of planting seeds of greatness in the minds and also in the hearts and souls of our students,” he said. “All the lessons I have learned in my life, I now bring them to a university campus.”

Qubein said last year that he wants to spend another $2.1 billion by 2020, which includes a sports arena.

“The world is marveling at how High Point University has grown so successfully in the midst of the worst economic times in 54 years,” Qubein said, according to Business Week.

He added: “High Point can no longer swim in an ocean of sameness. … I want my children to be exposed to the finer things. Most parents do.”

John Nelson with the Moody’s Investors Service, which analyzes higher education facilities, told the publication: “It looks more like a growth company,” adding he’s never seen anything like it in 20 years of doing his job.