Heroic Stranger Takes a Risk After 17 Cars Pass by Stranded Kitten on Highway

March 15, 2019 Updated: March 15, 2019

Footage of the heart stopping moment a tiny kitten is saved by a kind-hearted driver from a busy freeway has surfaced online.

In the video we see the stricken cat cling to the road as numerous cars, trucks and other vehicles swerve to avoid the tiny animal who lies motionless in fear and shock. One particular car rolls the poor kitten meters along the road as its wheels miss the animal by mere inches.

Finally, a kind-hearted driver stops his car, walks over to the kitten and strokes it gently before picking it up and taking it back to his car. The clip ends with the car driving off and the kitten thankfully being taken to safety.

A second clip is then shown of a man risking his own safety as he climbs down from a high bridge to rescue a dog who had gotten itself trapped on an island in the middle of a fast flowing and wide river. Stroking the dog gently, the man soothes it before picking it up and taking it back to the bridge where more men wait at the top to help.

In an ungainly fashion, the dog is lifted up towards one of the men who has also climbed part way down the bridge and stands on one of the concrete supports. He grabs the dog before lifting it further up and towards a group of men waiting on the bridge above, who grasp it and finally lift the poor mutt to safety.

The two men themselves then struggle to climb back on top of the bridge before the video ends with a shot of the man and dog happily reunited and looking healthy.

Video Credit: JukinVideo