Heroic Man Risks His Life for Woman Is Trapped in Car in Raging Flood Waters

March 14, 2019 Updated: April 25, 2019

Mother Nature can be terrifying, we’ve all seen videos online of hurricanes and tsunamis battering towns and buildings, sometimes leaving nothing but debris in its wake. However, when you’re the one in the middle of a storm it’s easy to think you’re overreacting, worrying for no reason and should carry on with your day, or at worst, just get home as soon as possible.

But that’s not always the right decision, as the woman in this video found out. She’s struggling to get away from the dangerous water in her car when she gets stranded in the middle of the flash flood. Brown water is rushing chaotically past her, threatening to sweep her and the car away.

However, a man known as “Barnes” wasn’t going to let that happen. The car is about fifteen feet from safety when Barnes wades out into the water to attempt his rescue. The water rushes at him, he stumbles and falls onto his hands and knees, and the water washes him out of view.

Luckily, there were other men taking shelter in the doorway of a store, and they pull him back to the roadside. Barnes’s brush with death doesn’t stop him from trying again, but this time two other men create a human chain out into the furious water to reach the vehicle.

The terrified woman has to climb out her open window into Barnes’s arms, and he lets go of the safety of the chain behind him. He holds onto her and they grab back onto the chain who pull them to safety.

Without Barnes’s efforts she may not have survived the flash flood. Watch the video to see the frightening moment Barnes is swept away by the water, and the moment they all finally get to safety.