Herman Cain: Ex-Presidential Candidate Says Black Women Are Switching From ‘Democrat to Trump’

By Jonathan Zhou, Epoch Times
January 21, 2016 Updated: January 21, 2016

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain gave his own explanation for why Donald Trump is winning: he appeals to apathetic voters who might never vote in the first place, and demographics who usually vote Democrat, including black women.

Cain dismissed the pundits who predict that Trump might lose in Iowa and New Hampshire, saying that “they still cannot understand and explain the Trump phenomenon.”

“I boil it down to three words: leadership, fighter, and winner,” Cain said on the news show Fox and Friends. “That’s what people see and they’re not listening to all of this other stuff.”

Cain is a Tea Party activist from Georgia, as well as being a radio show host and syndicated columnist. 

Cain said that Trump’s character was so magnetic, it drew in voters from demographics that normal skew heavily toward Democrats, such as black women.

“And let me tell you a phenomenon I discovered on my radio show,” Cain said. “I get callers who call up and say, ‘I am black, I’m female and I’m going from Democrat to Trump. They didn’t say they were going from Democrat to Republican, they’re going from Democrat to Trump. I think that’s part of the phenomenon.”

Probably Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters among African American women are the YouTube duo Diamond and Silk, who’ve stumped for the GOP candidate at his rallies, and have made a number of videos supporting Trump.


Cain also said a major source of the Trump phenomenon was his galvanizing of people who usually don’t vote.

“I’ve seen many quotes of people who said, ‘I have given up on voting, I gave up on it, but I’m coming back in [because of Trump],'” Cain said.