Can’t Get a Baby to Sleep? Here’s an Amazing Trick that Works in 45 SECONDS

April 10, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

For new parents, newborn babies are the cause of many, many hours of lost sleep. And there’s many, many different methods that serve to try to put babies to sleep–which have varying results. But one YouTuber is claiming there’s an easy way to accomplish the feat with a mere piece of tissue paper:

The user, Nathan Dailo, writes: “Im sure every parent tries new things to put their little one to sleep. Watch as my wife and I put our 3 month old baby boy, Seth, to sleep in under a minute using nothing but a piece of tissue paper.”

Jokes notwithstanding, according to a few of the YouTube users commenting on the video, the trick actually worked for them. “Btw this worked for my baby 5 times already so thanks!” one person wrote.

This obviously might not work for every child, but here’s a few recommendations for kids, per

Don’t rock your baby to sleep after about age 4 to 6 months. Rock your baby, but lay the baby down to sleep while he or she is drowsy but still awake.

Don’t add cereal to your baby’s bottle. Adding cereal to a bottle won’t make a baby sleep through the night. Babies don’t need solid foods until they are about 6 months old. Check with your doctor to see when your baby is ready for solid food.

Also, experts recommend allowing the baby to fall asleep on its own between six and eight weeks old.