Hemlock Grove Season 2: New Trailer, Plus Cast and Storyline Updates

A new trailer has been released by Netflix for Hemlock Grove season 2.

The popular series is slated to hit the streaming service next month. 

Executive producer and show runner Charles E. Eglee recently spoke to IGN about the upcoming season saying that even though fans saw Olivia Godfrey buried in Season 1, she will make a return.

“Now, obviously our advertising campaign is going to tell the story that she in fact survives, but it’ll be interesting to see what hole she was dumped in that she’s going to have to pull herself out of,” Eglee said. 

Along with Famke Jenssen returning in the upcoming season, Shelley Godfrey, who was seen shot in Season 1, will return in Season 2 (with a new actress, Madeleine Martin).

“Shelley was very much the beating heart of the show last season, and really, the only pure soul in the otherwise toxic stew of ‘Hemlock Grove,’” he told Huffington Post. “I was so moved by the character last year.”

“It’s definitely a new, evolved Shelley,” promised Martin. “She is going through such a big transition this season.”

Madeline Brewer (Miranda Cates, a graphic novelist that enters the town) and JC MacKenzie have also been added. MacKenzie will be Mr. Big Bad, whose character details have not yet been released.


Season 2 also promises a very graphic depiction of the human to werewolf transformation, which Eglee said he needed to really prepare for. 

“I don’t come from an effects movie background, so there was a learning curve for me in this,” he said. 

Work on season 2 began began in mid-2013 and wrapped up around the end of March.

The season’s 10 one-hour episodes will all hit Netflix on July 11, 2014. 

Eli Roth previously gave a few hints to Hollywood Reporter before season 1 as to the future storyline.

“As much as I think Twin Peaks is my favorite show of all time, you can tell they never intended to solve Laura Palmer’s murder. I’ve talked about this to David Lynch and the network made him do it. And after that happened, they had to figure out a new mythology. We wanted to make sure that we had a long-term mythology that the murder at the beginning kicks off, and the murder is an excuse to dive into the world of this town of Hemlock Grove,” he said. 

”Once that murder is solved, which it is, it opens up a much larger mythology that gets played out over several seasons. We wanted to write something that would be deep and that would give the fans something that’s worthwhile to dig into.”

Roth also said that as the series progresses, he may go back and change things in the previous seasons.

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