‘Heaven Will Destroy the Chinese Communist Party’

March 14, 2013 Updated: April 3, 2013

Editor’s note: The Epoch Times publishes here direct translations of statements made by Chinese people who have renounced the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliate youth organizations. Statements such as these are submitted to the Chinese language Epoch Times, Dajiyuan. The movement to renounce, withdraw from, or quit the CCP, called “Tuidang” in Chinese, began in late 2004, soon after The Epoch Times published the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,” an editorial series that explores the nature and history of the CCP. These statements offer a rare and candid glimpse of history in the making. Chinese people are turning their backs on the Communist Party, choosing conscience over convenience, and peacefully ushering in a future China, free of Party rule.

The following is a selection of “Tuidang” (Quitting the Party) statements made by Chinese nationals on Feb. 13-17, 2013.

The CCP Will Disappear Soon

I feel that the atmosphere in mainland China is now different. It seems that the CCP will disappear soon. This evil organization has been persecuting China for so many years and ruined it to an unbearable degree. People’s morality has degenerated without limit. People act as if they are crazy. This kind of society is so terrible. The fundamental reason is this evil specter from the west.

Now spring is near, and everything is in recovery. The message that heaven will destroy the CCP spreads to every Chinese household on the street. Withdrawing from the Party to gain safety is understood and accepted by more and more people. They are joining the giant current of withdrawing from the CCP. The day when the Chinese nation gets rid of this evil organization is not far away. Now we solemnly declare our withdrawals from the CCP and its affiliated organizations, erase the mark of the beast, and welcome a bright and beautiful future!

Li Guoliang, Li Guoyun, Di Ge brothers, Xiao Yanzi
Heilongjjiang Province

Help to Erase the Mark of the Beast For Us

After reading the “Nine Commentaries” and “Disintegrating Party Culture,” we were deeply inspired. We came to understand the truth and recognize the evil nature of the CCP. We don’t want to follow it anymore. We firmly request to quit the CCP, Youth League and Young Pioneer. We ask for The Epoch Times’ help to erase the mark of the beast for us.

Dr. Zeng, Mr. He and Ms. Li
2013-02-13, 16:04

My Withdrawal From the Evil Organizations

I work at the Procuratorate in mainland China. Now I understand the evilness of the Party and I agree to withdraw from all its organizations. Thank you!

Wang Zhiwang
Mainland China
2013-02-13, 21:29

Withdrawing From the Youth League

I joined the Youth League muddle-headedly when I was a naïve student at school. Now, through unremitting effort, I finally understand that the CCP is the world’s largest gang. It does all the evil it can do. Time will show that it is so. 

Qiu Tian, Tang Men
2013-02-13, 20:29

Declaration of Withdrawal From All Organizations of the Evil CCP

As a former member of the CCP, I witnessed the corruption and incurability of the Party. Civilians have to struggle for a place to live, while a CCP official I personally know of owns six properties. I firmly decide to quit the CCP, together with my wife and son.

Wang Xincheng couple and son
2013-02-15, 16:49

Withdrawing From the Evil Young Pioneers

The CCP is the largest gang. In this society, if the doctor doesn’t accept your red envelope you will feel uneasy; officials can be considered good if they are not corrupt; people feel fortunate if their salaries are paid on time; it is extremely filthy. I firmly declare my withdrawal from the Young Pioneers.

Zhang Huamei, Li Yuquan
2013-02-15, 19:03

Declaration of Withdrawal from the CCP, Youth League, Young Pioneers

We have been living abroad for so many years and have had no relationship with any of the Party’s organizations. From the bottom of my heart I have not recognized the CCP for a long time. Now I officially declare void my vows to fight for it. I want to become an upright, traditional Chinese person.

Mao Yongjian
United Kingdom
2013-02-15, 08:53

My Solemn Declaration to Withdraw From the CCP’s Evil Organizations

I once worked as security at a neighborhood committee and joined the evil CCP’s persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. It was against my own will to follow the evil CCP. I have remorse for participating in the persecution. Through truth clarification from Dafa practitioners, I decided to quit the evil CCP, Youth League, and Young Pioneers. I will look for another job.

Ying Pingan
Mainland China
2013-02-17, 20:00

Declaration to Withdraw From the Youth League and Young Pioneers

I was almost dragged into joining the CCP. I came across volunteers at the Global Center to Quit the CCP in Bali. Here, I declare my withdrawal from the Young Pioneers and Youth League, and I will also help my family and friends to quit the Party.

Huang Tianming
2013-02-17, 12:58 

I Hate the CCP’s Evil Conduct

I learned martial arts from a Taoist master in my childhood. I was edified by traditional Chinese culture. Thus I hate the CCP’s evil conduct! I ask my friend to help send in my solemn declaration of withdrawal from the Young Pioneers and Youth League to ensure my safety.

Zhen Yan
New Jersey, United States
2013-02-17, 14:13