Heartwarming video of a loving boy refusing to let go of his darling baby brother!

November 30, 2017 Updated: December 23, 2017

You never know what to expect when you finally let the cat out of the bag—”you’re going to have a new baby brother/sister,” you tell your only child—the reaction can range from sheer delight to utter disappointment. Fortunately, this mother couldn’t ask for more—her little boy fell in love instantly with his new baby brother! This video was viewed more than 61 million times within a very short span of time.

This video clip on Facebook showing a three-year-old boy cuddling his baby brother who is nine weeks old has gone viral!

Emily Matthews, 24, of Jackson, Tennessee, shared this Facebook video showing her three-year-old son, Waylon, refusing to give up holding his nine-week-old baby brother, Lawless.

In the clip, Emily asks Waylon: “Can I have him?”, and the child responds assertively: “No,” as he holds the baby even closer, kissing him lovingly.

Credit: Facebook | Emily Ann Matthews
Credit: Facebook | Emily Ann Matthews

Emily was “a little worried” at first because of the publicity it was getting, but she thinks that this is the type of video that is “a pretty nice thing to put out there,” she told the Jackson Sun.

“I don’t think baby Lawless could ask for a better big brother than him,” she said of Waylon, who calls his brother “Wallace” in the video.

Credit: Facebook | Emily Ann Matthews
Credit: Facebook | Emily Ann Matthews

“Honestly, I just hope it has more of an impact on people showing love to each other instead of all the hate. Think about what’s really important,” Emily said.

She also has been getting a lot of help from Waylon since his baby brother was born. He has been helping her feed and change Lawless daily, saying, “He’s the biggest helper I could ever ask for.”

“When Lawless cries, Waylon immediately runs and tells his mother, and if she can’t come right away, he will give the baby a pacifier and a blanket,” she added.

Emily’s mom, Sandy Dixon, said of the video: “It’s sharing the love… I think that’s what got to everybody, just it’s so real.”

Credit: Facebook | Emily Ann Matthews
Credit: Facebook | Emily Ann Matthews
Credit: Facebook | Emily Ann Matthews

Waylon doesn’t know that he is now famous because of the video, and is just glad telling everyone he meets: “This is my baby brother.”

“He’s been like that since [Lawless] was born. He just loves this baby,” Emily added.

A lot of uplifting comments have been received from social media users all over the world about the video. One Facebook user said: “The way he is rubbing his head…sweet and gentle. They’re going to be close.” Another user shared: “Too cute and sweet…big brother duties!”