Hearthstone iPad News: New Voidcaller Card Unveiled

“Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft” has unveiled a new Voidcaller card.

“Upon dying, Voidcaller places a random demon from the owner’s hand on the board. While the demon played gets to keep beneficial abilities such as charge, it will not tax the warlock with penalties like health loss or card discard as this particular mechanic ignores the battlecry function,” reads a description from Joystiq.

The move comes as Blizzard announced that it will hold the Hearthstone World Championships at the 2014 BlizzCon. However, only 130 players can attend the event for the Americas Qualifier Tournament, who will then attend the World Championship.

The top prize for the is $100,000, second place is $50,000, and third and fourth will get $15,000. Fifth through eighth place will get $7,600, and ninth through 16th place will get $5,000 a piece.

“Qualifiers will be held in the Americas, Europe, China and Korea-Taiwan as the four major groupings with 130 tournament spots total. The game has already produced a number of stand-out players who have been picked up by pro teams. Many eSports organizations like ROOT and TSM and more have already started to recruit their own stable of Hearthstone pros to compete in the emerging competitive scene,” says Forbes magazine.