Head of NYPD’s CompStat Program Resigns

By Nicholas Zifcak, Epoch Times
February 18, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

NYPD’s deputy commissioner for operations John Bilich has resigned, reports DNAinfo. Bilich headed the department responsible for the Computerized Statistics crime tracking program know as CompStat.

Bilich’s departure follows that of NYPD Chief of Detectives Philip Pulaski and Charles Campisi in just the past week.

Bratton along with close friend, now deceased Jack Maple, developed CompStat during Bratton’s previous tenure as NYPD police commissioner two decades ago.

CompStat is a tracking program and management strategy where supervisors come to headquarters and are questioned about crime happening in their neighborhoods. The approach has been replicated in many other police departments.

Bilich left voluntarily and is moving to join the office of newly-elected Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson, reported DNAinfo.