Head and Shoulders, Nivea Scam Video: ‘You Will Not Use Shampoo,’ ‘Government Warning’ both Fake – of Lotus Seed Pod

There’s a scam going around that states “You Will Not Use Head and Shoulders Shampoo After Watching This Video” that has a gruesome image, but it’s actually just a Photoshopped picture of a lotus seed pod.

When users click on the post, they’re taken to a fake Facebook website that then asks users to share the page before going further.

After that, they’re asked to complete surveys. There’s no actual video of Head & Shoulders shampoo causing such an injury.

The surveys are how the scammers behind the post make their money.

Another one with the same image talks of a “government warning,” but it’s also just a scam.

“The message is a scam designed to trick you into spamming your Facebook friends and participating in bogus online surveys. It is not a government warning and the claim that the supposed growth was caused by shampoo is a lie. The fake image uses a manipulated picture of a lotus seedpod and is similar to a long running hoax that supposedly depicts a breast rash that harboured live larvae. Do not click any links in this scam message,” says Hoax-Slayer.

It adds: “The surveys will try to get you to provide your personal information and enter your mobile phone number, supposedly to go in the draw for various prizes. But, by submitting your mobile number, you will actually be subscribing to an absurdly expensive SMS ‘service’ that will be charged at several dollars per text message. And, the details you provide may be shared with other Internet marketing groups and you may subsequently be inundated with unwanted phone calls, emails and junk mail.”