He saves the day! Drowning Koala rescued from imminent danger

December 4, 2017 Updated: December 23, 2017

A man is being showered with adulation after an incredible video of him rescuing a drowning koala has surfaced. He quickly wades into the water to help the distressed koala.

Muzammil Patel, a volunteer at the Great Victorian Bike Ride, arrived at one of the event’s campsite stops at Apollo Bay, near Barham river, early morning when a local woman called the group’s attention to an animal needing immediate rescuing.

Wildlife officials had also been intimated of the situation, however, they would have taken at least half an hour to get to the site. Patel knew that this situation called for immediate intervention and without hesitation, leaped into action.

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“There was no other option, I had to jump in and save the koala. It looked like it was going to drown,” Mr. Patel said as reported by 9news.com.au.

With the help of a large tree branch, Patel lured the marsupial towards the shore.

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The Koala bear, however, wasn’t able to keep up, so Patel reached out to him and pulled the animal out carefully.

The koala looked so distressed and grateful at the same time for having been rescued from drowning.

“It felt beautiful. The lady who spotted me was crying after she saw the koala had been saved,” he said.

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Don’t be scared…you are safe

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Though the rescue only took a few moments, the fate of the koala had been reversed, thanks to quick-thinking Patel’s actions.

Patel the humble rescuer, was praised by everyone and called a hero. He also took a photograph with the koala when it was brought back to shore.

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The koala quickly disappeared into the vast bushland.

Helping those in distress is innate to humans, it’s just a matter of deciding whether or not to act you decide to act on your instinct!

Great work Mr. Patel!

Images credit: Youtube Screenshot | Daily Mail