HBO GO Down: Live Stream Service Crashes During True Detective Season Finale

March 9, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

HBO Go crashed during the True Detective season finale, angering users who were using the livestream service to watch the popular show.

The service enables people to watch HBO shows on their mobile devices.

The service said via Twitter that the app went down for some users because of “overwhelmingly popular demand for True Detective.”

“Please try again soon,” it added.

People were not happy, although some acknowledged that they use other people’s accounts.

“HBO GO is down. What am I supposed to do now?” said one user. 

“Worst possible time for HBO Go to go down #TrueDetective,” said another. 

“OMG, HBOGo is down. Oh wait a minute, I don’t pay for HBO, so I really have no room to complain….” said a third. 

The app going down didn’t impact people watching HBO on their televisions.


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