Hateful Message Left for Latina Server Instead of a Tip

By Chika Dunu, Epoch Times
August 24, 2016 Updated: August 24, 2016

An 18-year-old waitress at a Virginia eatery was flabbergasted over the “tip” she received from a couple, according to local reports.

Sadie Elledge was working the lunch shift at Jess’ Lunch in Harrisonburg on Aug. 15, when she encountered two unpleasant patrons.

“They wouldn’t talk to me. They would just nod their heads,” Elledge told WHSV. “Not really make eye contact.”

After Elledge served the couple two gyros, drinks, and a small Greek salad, the couple signed the receipt and allegedly left a hateful note on the receipt in lieu of a monetary tip.

“WE ONLY TIP CITIZENS,” the receipt read. The $26.11 bill from two diners was signed by an “Ada M. Doriot.”

Sadie’s grandfather, John Elledge was infuriated over the incident and posted a photo of the receipt on Facebook. The post has since gone viral.

Elledge—who was born in the U.S.—was shocked to read the comment.

“I thought it was real disrespectful,” she told WHSV. “It doesn’t really matter if I’m Hispanic or American, whatever you want to call it. I’m still a person, you should still treat me with respect.”

Three days after the viral post, John discovered the person behind the signature was Ada Marie Doriot Dessus.

“Well, Adam Dart [Ada M. Doriot] is really Ada Marie Doriot Dessus. She’s on Facebook, lives in Grottoes (about a dozen miles from Harrisonburg), and ironically is Facebook friends with Sadie’s mother Elsa Elledge and cousin, Olivia Morales,” he wrote online.

According to John, Dessus didn’t write the nasty note, and said that it was probably the man with her.

The couple returned to the restaurant to complain about the bad publicity they were receiving following John’s post. While there, a confrontation ensued between John and the couple and police were called to diffuse the situation.

“She asked me why I posted it; I said, ‘Because it was an insult to my granddaughter.’ Of course I’m going to post it, and I’m not apologizing for that,” John told WUSA.

Since the news broke over the note, Sadie has received an outpouring support from people across the country. She’s since been inundated with letters from around the country with cash, flowers, and a full scholarship to Blue Ridge Community College.