Has World War 3 Already Begun? Maybe, According to a 1871 Prediction

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November 3, 2014Updated: November 3, 2014

In 1871, Albert Pike, sovereign master commander of a Freemason lodge purportedly wrote a letter to Italian politician Giuseppe Mazzini in which he predicted there would be three world wars. WWI and WWII dominated the first half of the last century. Since then, new age conspiracy theorists have been expecting WWIII to begin.

They have predicted the stages in which it will unfold. 

Stage I: Severe unrest and terrorism in the West.

Stage II: Widespread conflict in the Middle East, leading to a war between Israel and its neighbors. 

Stage III: Nuclear proliferation in the Far East leads to the use of weapons of mass destruction.

The United States and its allies will be drawn into the conflict, with a resultant face-off between the East and West. 

What do you think? Has WWIII begun? 



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