Harrison Ford Helps Woman After Car Accident

November 19, 2017 Updated: November 20, 2017

Longtime actor Harrison Ford was spotted helping out a woman who drove off the freeway in Southern California.

Ford was at the scene of the crash Sunday morning on Route 126, TMZ reported. Eyewitnesses said Ford was driving behind her when she lost control of her vehicle and hit a concrete embankment.

The actor then pulled over and rushed to her side along with other bystanders. They got her safely out of the car while paramedics arrived at the scene.

The woman reportedly suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Ford has been involved in life-threatening situations himself, as recently as in 2015, he suffered serious injuries after engine trouble forced him to crash-land on a golf course near a Southern California airport. Recently, according to Entertainment Tonight, he was seen directing traffic after cars got backed up at a New York City tunnel.


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