Happy Valley Series 2? BBC Show Will Likely be Renewed for a Season 2

The Happy Valley TV show could be back for a series 2 as BBC executives are eyeing the show’s popularity ahead of the series 1 finale on June 3.

The crime series has drawn around seven million viewers per episode since it debuted on April 29.

The Daily Mirror reported that a second series “is already under discussion.”

Due to its popularity, it’s likely at this point that the series will be renewed.

Meanwhile, a description has been released for episode 6, the finale.

“A weakened, still disguised Tommy returns to Hebden Bridge with the knowledge of where his son lives and attends school. Clare invites family and friends over to hold a birthday party for Catherine, which Catherine didn’t want,” it says. 

“Tensions arise when Daniel lets slip some information of Becky and Tommy’s old relationship, meaning Catherine’s allegation of rape leading to suicide may be untrue. Tommy finds a way to regularly see Ryan without raising suspicion to Ryan’s family, but soon turns into history repeating itself.”

Catherine is withdrawn, smoking again, and barely able to face her policing duties, according to the Mirror. But as Tommy remains on the loose, her depression turns to rage.

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