Half the US Is Literally Frozen Right Now

February 19, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

“It’s cold outside” is sentiment shared by many Americans right now, and here’s a map to prove it.

(National Weather Service)
(National Weather Service)

The National Weather Service posted a map showing that about half of the U.S. is basically frozen–meaning temperatures of under 32 degrees F as a high. That’s the result of an arctic air blast affecting most of the East Coast and Midwest.

The low temperatures have even extended down to the Gulf Coast and to parts of Florida.

There’s more cold on the way, says Accuweather’s Brian Lada. “This next push of arctic air is expected to bring air that is just as cold, or even colder than the air that brought subzero lows to the Midwest and Northeast during the weekend,” he wrote.

“Some southern cities forecast to dip into the teens or lower include Birmingham, Alabama; Charlotte, North Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina; Nashville and Atlanta,” he added. “Floridians will even experience a taste of the arctic chill with temperatures dipping down to the lower 30s in cities such as Orlando, Melbourne and Daytona Beach.”

According to The Weather Channel, the blast of cold air across the U.S. broke records. On Thursday, the high temperatures are “up to 40 degrees below average from the Mississippi River Valley eastward. Single digits, teens and 20s for highs from the Upper Midwest to the Mid-South and Northeast. Temperatures will be 10 to 25 degrees below average in Florida, with highs ranging from the 40s in north Florida to near 60 degrees in Miami,” the Channel said.