Half of Corporate Networks ‘Targeted Continuously’ by Hackers: IT Professionals

July 2, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Many cyberattacks go unreported, and the number of attacks on corporations is much higher than what makes headlines. This is the conclusion of a new report from Lieberman Software Corporation, which surveyed nearly 150 Internet technology (IT) professionals.

It says 51 percent of respondents believe their corporate networks are “targeted continuously by hackers.”

In addition, 71 percent of the IT professionals believe their company will be targeted by advanced cyberattacks within the next six months.

Companies may be losing more money than they’re saying, as 87 percent of respondents believe “huge financial hacks are happening more often than reported.”

The problem is apparently not just external hackers, either. While 49 percent said external cyberattacks were the largest threats to their networks, 35 percent said insiders were the main threat.

According to the report, it’s often the case that IT auditors “take the easy route and accept any answers given by an IT department.”

“IT professionals are understandably aware of this situation,” it states. “So the fact that 87% of survey respondents think that financial hacks are happening more often than reported, and right under the auditors, is not surprising.”

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