Hackers Deface Chinese Communist Party School Website

April 24, 2012 Updated: October 1, 2015
Hackers Deface Chinese Communist Party School Website
"Overthrow Communist China, Reconstruct a New China" was posted by hackers on the website of Yiyuan Communist Party School in Shandong Province, April 23, 2012. (Webpage image)

Another Communist Party website in China has been defaced by hackers in what is now a string of such incidents. An overseas democracy activist believes the attacks were carried out by young Chinese hackers and says the acts are heartening. 

The slogan “Overthrow Communist China, Reconstruct a New China” appeared on the Yiyuan Communist Party School’s website in Shandong Province on April 23. The Communist Party’s hammer and sickle emblem was also crossed out. 

Overseas democracy activist Song Yuxuan told The Epoch Times that through various forms, Chinese people are now expressing their discontent with the regime. Song said he believes these are young Chinese hackers. “It is very heartening to see the Chinese people awakening,” he said.

Early in the morning of April 18, the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee’s branch website in Dalian City’s Gangjingzi District, Liaoning Province was hacked and the slogans “Take Down the Chinese Communist Party” and “Chinese Communist Party Tomb” were posted on its home page along with photographs.

In early April, the international hacker organization Anonymous attacked Chinese and English government websites, calling on people to “rise up” and to “fight for freedom.” It also posted a warning to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), saying, “You are not flawless. Today, your website is hacked, but tomorrow your evil regime will collapse.” 

On April 15 the websites of Chinese pharmaceutical companies, including Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group, believed to manufacture toxic gelatin capsules, were also hacked. 

Deng Taiqing, a dissident from Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, told Radio Free Asia he believes that this is just the beginning. For now only websites are blackened, but if the CCP doesn’t stop its tyranny, more fierce resistance might follow.

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