Video: Man Tries to Save Bunnies From Drowning in Flooded River, but They Keep Hopping Away

May 9, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

A heart warming video has surfaced online showing the breath taking moment a man in Leichlingen, Germany uses a dingy to rescued a group of rabbits from a swollen river that they were treading water in after a severe flood.

The video starts by showing the man dressed in a wet suit and with very basic equipment, jump into a green paddle boat before rowing out into the freezing and fast moving water, his breath heavy from exertion and his voice filled with desperation. He comes across his first rabbit treading water vainly and pulls him to safety before heading over to a group of trees and bushes where he pulls another rabbit from a tree. We hear him become desperate as one rabbit tries to escape his grasp and swims away, not realizing that the man is just trying to save it. “Nein, nein,” he shouts over and over as he desperately tries to paddle the boat closer to the scared creature to grasp it from a potential watery grave, which after several attempts he manages to do.

He then radios to the shoreline explaining what he is doing before grabbing another floundering and desperate rabbit out of the cold water and placing it into the cool box he is using to store all the poor creatures.

With the rabbits in tow he heads back to shore where an awaiting emergency team take the poor creatures from him and put them into animal transport cages for transportation to, we can only assume, a nearby veterinary center or rescue shelter for medical assistance and checking over to make sure they have the best chance of survival.

Video Credit: Jukin