Gucci Mane: Producer Talks About The Game Diss Track

Gucci Mane, who is slated to come out with “The White Album” on June 17, didn’t insult rapper The Game, said an Atlanta producer.

An Atlanta-based producer said that Gucci, whose currently prison for 39 months for weapons charges, explained the situation.

“Well I think it was because, I remember Gucci was saying something on Twitter about boxing another rapper. Then Game was the guy that responded. I think that’s where it stems from. Some months back. Gucci wasn’t trying to direct it towards Game but Game responded and he probably felt some type of way. … I was like, “Aww, for real?” But you know, I’ve been with Gucci his whole career, so it’s not really that surprising. I was just like, “Oh, that’s crazy,”” producer Zaytoven said.

He was referring to “The Definition” track.

Zaytoven also talked about how Gucci has been able to work on his music from behind bars.

“He’s got everybody. It’s a lot of guys that’s really waiting for his call to do whatever he says that needs to be done. Some of us, we take it upon ourselves to get certain things done. To make sure he stays poppin’. Anytime he comes up with an idea and wants something done, he’s going to give somebody a call and we’re going to make it happen,” he said.

A week ago, he said, “June 17, the empire’s declaring war. World War 3D the series. Three albums in one day.”