GTA V PC, Xbox One, PS4? New Rockstar is Game Coming Before March 2015; Is ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ a Possibility?

May 15, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A new Rockstar game will be coming out before March 2015, publisher Take-Two said in a fourth-quarter call, leading some people to believe that it will be “Grand Theft Auto V” on the PC and next-gen consoles.

Take-Two said “GTA V” sold 33 million copies to retailers, becoming one of the largest launches of all time.

The company said that Rockstar will come out with a game before March 2015. However, the company wouldn’t confirm the game and it would say if there would be an announcement at the E3 convention, as Rockstar usually doesn’t attend the event.

The Guardian newspaper and Cinema Blend have both speculated that it could be “GTA V.”

“A visually enhanced version of GTA 5, complete with all the additional GTA Online content and a few little extras, is the most likely scenario. Rockstar has often released PC versions of its console games months after release or produced new-generation console versions with extra content – Bully: Scholarship Edition on Xbox 360 and Wii, for example. This is the odds-on favourite for us,” The Guardian writes.

Other rumors include “Bully 2,” the long-rumored “Agent,” or “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

Cinema Blend writes that it seems “much more likely” that it’s “GTA V” on other platforms.

“GTA 5 Xbox One and PS4 versions seem like a smart business move. The game shattered sales records last fall, racking up $1 billion in revenue in three days. Take-Two announced yesterday that they’ve shipped over 33 million copies to date. Releasing the game with updated visuals on the new consoles could give that impressive sales total another spike,” the website says.