GTA V PC: ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Rumors Persist; Latest Says Release Date in February

January 3, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A recent rumor is saying that a PC version of “Grand Theft Auto V”–which has never been confirmed by RockStar Games–will be released in February.

An unnamed Amazon employee told The Sixth Axis last week that a PC version could come next month.

“Unfortunately we do not have an exact date for it to be in stock as of yet. You may think of to contact Rockstar for further information. We are expecting it next year by February, but no clear date is guaranteed for now,” the worker said.

However, previous rumors about a PC version of RockStar’s most popular game ever weren’t accurate. Last month, a German website published an internal document saying there would be an announcement on Christmas Eve. It never materialized.

RockStar has not confirmed the existence of a PC version of the game.

But there’s been speculation that versions for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will come out soon.

A Twitter user sent a question about PS4 and Xbox One versions, which RockStar Support’s account responded: “Unfortunately, we have not released any information about that.” However, that’s not a clear indicator of a game coming out for those two consoles.

Currently, the game is out for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

In October, EuroGamer reported that a PC version will come out in the first quarter of 2014.

“[PC] gamers are preparing their systems for a strong roster of games coming this fall, including blockbuster franchises such as Call of Duty: Ghosts, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Assassin’s Creed 4,” Nvidia’s senior director of investor relations Chris Evenden said during a conference call in August.

Hundreds of thousands of people have signed a petition to release the game on the PC. 

Grand Theft Auto V also generated more than $1 billion in sales, becoming the fastest-selling game in history.

“The only versions of the game that we have announced are for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 which are set for a September 17th worldwide release,” Rockstar said last year about any speculation. “We don’t have anything to share about the possibility of a next-gen or a PC platform release at this time and we are completely focused on delivering the best possible experience for the consoles people have right now.”