GTA Online Heists Update: Leaked Images for ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Appear After High Life Update; Also New Jobs

“GTA Online” will get three new verified jobs and deathmatches, but there’s no word as to when the “Heists” update will come out.

According to reports earlier this year, the Heists update will be out in the “spring” but that appears less and less likely as time goes on.

However, it’s likely that the latest update, or patch 1.14, will come out in the near future and with it, the update will bring the “Heists” feature.

Recently, a YouTube user recently uploaded a video indicating that new weapons–a “Scar” rifle, the Goosenberg Sweeper, a .44 pistol, and a type of knife–will possibly come out in the update. The user obtained three leaked images from the alleged update.

This week, Rockstar, in a news wire update, said this about its new jobs: “Along with several Crews standing out as hives of Creator activity, we’re also seeing a few individuals making their mark with the GTA Online Creator, earning their second Rockstar Verified Job honors this week.”

“This latest batch also includes some tight, technical Deathmatches plus six new Races covering everything from high-concept to high jumps. Head over to each Job’s Social Club page now and add them to your game to play them for yourselves, and keep an eye out for demonstrations of these Jobs on upcoming Rockstar live streams,” the news release said.

The jobs include “Jumps ‘R’ Us” race, “Zancudo Outskirts” deathmatch, “Baja Hangtime” race, and several others.

“With Jobs titled Jump It Like It’s Hot, Jump The Mountain and Jump-A-Thon in his back catalogue, Evan3737 knows how to make a jumping Race! Jumps ‘R’ Us diverges from the usual pattern of standard Highway jump Races though. In Jumps ‘R’ Us, a series of ramps launch racers between different road levels in Vinewood Hills, all the while taking in glorious views of downtown Los Santos as they go. A key feature is ramps placed at the end of long downhill sections, allowing players to build up the necessary speed to get some serious airtime,” reads a description for the first race.