GTA 5 Online Heists Update: 1.16 Patch for ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Could be this Week Amid Cheating / Hacking, Says Leaker; No Word on Heists

The GTA 5 Heists rumors have died down, and there wasn’t a patch last week. But according to a new leak, Rockstar might be coming out with its 1.16 patch soon.

YouTube user DomisLive–a notable leaker–posted an update on his channel this week. He said that he “could definitely” see the DLC coming soon.

UPDATE: Rockstar Games tweeted Monday that the “San Andreas Flight School Update” is coming Tuesday.

DomisLive put up another video on Sunday, saying that he “could definitely” see a few things being fixed in the 1.16 patch. “A lot of us believe that DLC will” come out on Tuesday, adding there will be a lot of vehicles.

“We gotta have some kind of patch to fix these issues,” he said, adding that there’s a good deal of cheating, modding, hacking going on. GTA Online, he added, “is going through hell” currently.

The DLC, he said, could be “coming out on Tuesday.”

Rockstar issued a few tweets in the past week, saying developers working on the latest update, but the firm didn’t issue a release date.

“No release date to share right now but stay tuned–definitely got some fun stuff in the works coming soon,” Rockstar Games said on its Twitter page.

The company also added a few days later: “No date to announce yet but we’re working to get the next update out ASAP, stay tuned for more info soon.”

On the Rockstar Support page, there’s been a near-continual stream of threads about other players hacking on GTA Online. One person wrote on Saturday: “Now the hackers can move you to another location on the map Was robbing a money transport when suddenly I was moved to another location on the map … When will these hackers / modders thrown out? Gets a little annoying to experience such.”

There’s also been a number of complains about players abusing a “god mode” glitch, namely in the public lobbies and money “lobby” cheats. DomisLive said that a number of users recently got banned for taking part in the scam. Some users even said they weren’t partaking in the scam but their accounts were banned nonetheless for being in the same lobby as the cheater.

“Rockstar is definitely working with Microsoft” to suspend Xbox Live accounts, DomisLive added. “If you’re in a public match and you see somebody giving away money to people, you may want to leave that room.”