GTA 5 Online: PC, Xbox One, PS4 Update; Preorders Down for Grand Theft Auto V; but Xbox 360, PS3 Versions Get ‘Independence Day’ DLC

“Grand Theft Auto V” pre-orders for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions have been slowing down in recent days.

Rockstar’s most popular game ever was announced during E3 in mid-June, triggering an initial wave of excitement.

According to analysts with research firm Cowen and Company, the pre-orders have most likely slowed down.

The firm said initially “GTA V” would sell about 10 million copies for the next-gen consoles, but since then, the estimate has been pared down, according to

It’s likely that the 33 million people playing the game on the Xbox 360 and PS3 probably don’t have a need to purchase the next-gen version.

“Some gamers are going to want to upgrade to the PS4 or Xbox One versions of GTA 5 for the upgraded visuals and additional content. Rockstar is trying to encourage that by allowing them to transfer their multiplayer progress to the new-gen consoles. However, how many players want to spend an additional $60 on a slightly better edition of a game they already own? I think Rockstar really missed an opportunity here by not offering discounts to current GTA 5 players making the leap to PS4 or Xbox One,” writes Cinema Blend’s Pete Haas.

For the Xbox One, there might be exclusive content for “GTA V,” according to a report from the International Business Times, citing YouTube user iCrazyTeddy.

The Xbox team also vaguely tweeted that fans will be getting a treat.

And for the PC, there hasn’t been much new information about the game coming to the platform.

However, PC Gamer has theorized that “GTA V” will be “the best” on the PC.

“The PC version will also have busier streets, as seen in the trailer, which shows a freeway teeming with way more traffic than I ever saw on Xbox. As well as making the city feel more alive, this should also make chases and shootouts on the streets even more chaotic. One of the best things about 5 is that there are rarely ‘filler’ story missions, like driving characters from A to B or delivering things. They’re almost all interesting or unique in some way,” PC Gamer said in a report in June.

The PC version is also getting a video editor for “advanced movie-making,” the publication reported.