GTA 5 Online PC, Xbox One, PS4: Release Date for ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Coming Out Soon? Leaker Says it Might be Possible

GTA 5 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One might be getting a release date “soon,” says a notable YouTube leaker.

DomisLive, the operator of a popular GTA 5 YouTube channel, said that the PC and next-gen release date could be coming soon.

He noted that on several retail websites, namely Amazon, a GTA 5 release for the three systems has been set at Dec. 31, which is likely just a placeholder date.

He said that a DLC maker claims that Rockstar is adding “a lot of Durango files,” which he says might be a “code name” suggesting GTA 5 is coming to the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

The DLC maker also noted that he discovered a “character transfer” file and save game file for the next-gen consoles. “This has something to do with the character being transfered from the current-gen to the next-gen and PC,” DomisLive said.

And a file was also discovered to make a reference to the character being “imported” from the current-gen to next-gen consoles, he added.

Many people have speculated that GTA 5 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC would come out Sept. 19, 2014–which would be the one-year anniversary for when GTA 5 was releasd for the previous-generation consoles.

Over the weekend, Rockstar held its 1.16 patch event for “flight school.”

Also, ten new verified jobs were posted, the company said on Tuesday.

“Today, we’ve added 10 new player-created GTA Online Jobs that have earned a place in the roster of Rockstar Verified selections available for everyone on both platforms to enjoy. This batch includes technical Races designed to please speed junkies, Capture Jobs that take Prop placement to the next level and a pair of Deathmatches with plenty of opportunities for imaginative carnage,” it said. It added: “Keep your eyes peeled for more Rockstar Verified Jobs coming soon, including the chosen picks from this past weekend’s San Andreas Flight School Event Weekend Creator Competition.”