GTA 5 Online Heists, Zombies Updates: ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ DLC Leaks and Rumors Roundup for the Week

GTA 5 Online’s Heists DLC and the alleged “zombies” DLC updates got even more speculation this week.

DomisLive, a popular YouTube leaker who operates a GTA 5 channel, posted a an update a few days ago saying that “leaked DLC” content suggests there will be a “thermite bomb” for the Heists update.

He showed  alleged in-game images of what appears to be the thermite bomb. Thermite is a material that’s used in welding to melt metals together, burning at around 2200 degrees Celsius. The material can melt most types of metals, meaning that a “thermite bomb” could easily break through metal walls at banks.

“Rockstar made a huge mistake,” he said of the images. DomisLive said he obtained leaked game files that shows how the weapon looks.

“I have seen the thermite bomb right under the musket,” he said, adding: “I’m guessing Rockstar made a … this is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever seen in the game.”

In a previous report, he also said that for the Halloween season, there will likely be “zombies.”

A recent tweet from PlayStation Magazine suggested that the latest DLC for GTA 5 will have zombies.

And another rumor that’s been floating around in the past week claims that GTA 5 for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 have been “delayed” or canceled outright. However, Rockstar said the “release date has not changed.”

The rumors come as Rockstar announced that there will be a 50 percent off deal on allies in GTA Online.

“This week, calling for support from notorious friends in high places in GTA Online just got more affordable. So if you find yourself in need of backup, air support, transport or just need to disappear for a while, dial up any of your allies for a little “Roadside Assistance” and get 50% off the normal price,” the firm said on its newswire. “Rank requirements for these discounted services have also been removed (please note that you will need to have received at least one call from each contact in order to use their service).”

For GTA Online, Brucie, Lamar, Lester, Pegasus, and Merryweather will get the discounts, Rockstar said.

And right before that, Rockstar announced it would have a (real-life) “warehouse end of summer sale” until Sept. 8. “Starting today, and running through Monday, September 8th, your reliable suppliers at the Rockstar Warehouse are offering you 25% off of your favorite Apparel and Collectibles from some of our most popular games,” it said.