GTA 5 Online Heists: Veteran Update Totally Fake; And No Grand Theft Auto V’ Heists DLC Info Out

There’s been a screenshot going around about a Grand Theft Auto V “Veteran Update,” which appears to be entirely false. Meanwhile, there’s still no official update or rumors on the long-awaited Heists DLC.

DomisLive, the popular GTA blogger and operator of a YouTube channel, posted a video addressing the bogus screenshot.

The screenshot of “The Veteran Update,” partially reads: “Show your inner military personality and express yourself in new ways with the Veteran Update coming this July.” It also claims there will be an APC tank and a “Hunter attack chopper” along with new weapons and features such as dual-wielding pistols and SMGs.

But DomisLive says that the image is fake. “This is a complete joke,” he says in the video. “Dual-wield in GTA?” he asked, laughing.

“This is definitely fake,” he said, adding that people have been tweeting at him with the screenshot. He said he’s unsure if the Twitter users are tying to “troll” him or something else.

DomisLive and other GTA V leakers usually post source code of the coming updates–not official-looking GTA screenshots. DomisLive was successful in predicting the “I’m Not a Hipster” DLC.

Meanwhile, Rockstar, via its Newswire feed, said there’s “Throwback Jobs” that are inspired from GTA games in the past.

“This week, we’ve rounded up a selection of Jobs created specifically in tribute to classic Grand Theft Auto missions from GTAIII, Vice City, San Andreas and GTAIV. There’s also a couple of Jobs themed around Chinatown Wars, set in a Los Santos slice of the Far East around Textile City,” the company said. One includes the final mission in GTA III, which is “reimagined as a Deathmatch alongside the Land Act Dam,” Rockstar added.

Regarding the Heists update, there’s been no word in recent weeks from Rockstar. DomisLive last week posted the minimum cash payout for doing a heist: $100,000.

And the maximum payout for a Heist is $1,500,00, he said, citing source code he acquired. For the four players who successfully do the Heist, it means they’ll get paid $375,000 a piece.

But it’s only source code, and it could be changed before Heists actually comes out.