GTA Online Heists Update: ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Cheats? Some Players Complaining of Hacked ‘UFOs’ to Rockstar Appearing in Games

A number of “Grand Theft Auto Online” players are complaining that “UFOs” are appearing in games, allegedly draining money and RP from others. Some users on Rockstar support threats are warning others to stay away from public servers.

On Tuesday, one user wrote on the Rockstar support forum that “I keep seeing posts about UFO’s flying in GTA Online.. Can someone tell me what this is about because I haven’t seen one (yet).”

Other users replied that it’s likely the work of a “programmer/hacker [who] is having some fun at our costs (sent you a text). Seems to be a small virus on the Xbox-network, but controlable on the PSN.”

Others have said that the alleged glitch “will drain your RP and money and take your weapons away too. thats what i’ve heard on this forum on gtaforums.” 

In other support threads, some complained about getting their money and rank points stripped in public rooms.

“I haven’t played since the weekend . I don’t Intend to play any time soon either. All this modding,and all the other problems with this game are seriously making me lose interest,” one person said, adding “I just feel uncomfortable. Rockstar really should give us honest player’s some kind of reassurance that this game is safe to play. It’s just a shame as well that they didn’t have more security measures in place.” 

Rockstar a few days ago said it was taking care of hacked RP.

“We don’t plan on taking further action beyond RP reduction when the first round of correction hits on 5/20/14 for players whose accounts show limited modification. But please be warned: accounts found to be hacking or modding to generate illegitimate amounts of RP after 5/20/14 will be subject to further action at our discretion, such as time in the Cheater Pool or Bad Sport Pool. Repeat offenders may also have their accounts reset, experience bans, or have all their GTA$ removed (other than unspent Shark Card funds),” the company said in May.