GTA Online 5 Cheats Update: Players Say ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Has God Mode Glitch Still, While Walking on Air Bug Still Around

A number of Grand Theft Auto Online players have been complaining of a “god mode” glitch that grants the player invulnerability or indestructible vehicles.

“The last couple of days I have come a cross a lot of God mode players and Cars that are indestsructeble (sic),” one person said in a Rockstar support thread. “Just shoot a guy with sniper two perfect headshots and he took no damage not so ever. And no he was not in passive or about to join a job, cos seconds later he shot me. Another guy took an rpg right in the kisser, oh no damage.”

There were several other threads on the same subject, with some users describing it as an “epidemic.”

“I went on 5 lobbies last night. One lobby had 2 under map players killing people. Two of the lobbies had god mode players. The forth one was the worst. It had an invisible god mode player killing a bunch of players. The worst part was his blip didn’t even show on the map. I had to go back to the apartment and finally saw what he was doing on TV. His character was totally invisible to other players. I recorded them all and sent to RS,” said another user.

Another user claimed the god mod glitches are “easy to do” and popped up a few weeks ago.

Recently, a number of users have been able to “walk on air” and not just over water.

DomisLive, a popular YouTube uploader, posted a video on how to walk on air, showing players walking high in the sky.

A few days ago, it was reported that a number of notable money glitchers and cheaters have been getting banned. reported that YouTube users LispyJimmy, Dynasty, Sernando, Sir Weed, and Glitch Master were banned because they’ve been sharing exploits.

DomisLive has said that Rockstar have “undercover” admins moderating lobbies to see if there’s cheating or glitching going on.