Group of 49 Petitioners Withdraw from CCP

By Li Ling, Epoch Times Staff
October 14, 2007 12:00 am Last Updated: October 14, 2007 12:00 am

Just before the 17th Chinese Communist Party National Congress (a major event that often decides the leadership and policy of the country), nearly 10 thousand petitioners sent a letter to lawmakers advocating a constitutional-style government as a way to clear up social injustice. On October 9, one petitioner, a Beijing resident, sent the Epoch Times Global Service Center for Quitting CCP a list of 49 people who were ready to withdraw from the Party.

The 49 petitioners came to Beijing for many reasons such as loss or destruction of property, unemployment, or other injustices. These individuals said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) used several tactics to prevent them from submitting their petitions, such as house arrest, detention or labor camp, and their grievances are never resolved. Through their own unfortunate experiences, these people said they have come to recognize the devious nature of the CCP, and wish to be counted among the millions of names that have already withdrawn from the Party.

One female petitioner claimed that she sent out the group statement of withdrawal from the CCP with 49 names. She said that authorities monitored her phone conversations and later beat and arrested her and her friends.

Individuals who have already withdrawn from the Party are encouraging others to quit and have formed their own local Service Centers for doing so. When The Epoch Times Service Center volunteers urged them to look out for their safety, one man replied that their lives are already in danger in mainland China.

“There is a place to register for quitting from the CCP in our town,” replied another petitioner contributing to the Party Withdrawal effort. “Nothing we do is safe now. It is unsafe to even sell stuff on the street. Who would choose to live such a life?”

“I was put into the black jail [an unofficial underground detention center reserved for petitioners] and persecuted because I went to Beijing to petition, it was so inhuman,” said a petitioner from Guangdong who has withdrawn from the Party. He went on to say that it was his experience in the black jail that convinced him to quit the CCP.

All of the 49 petitioners have come to Beijing several times to voice their grievances only to be cruelly persecuted, beaten, arrested, detained or sentenced by local officials. They have come to develop an intense hatred for this regime.

One petitioner said that once inside, you wouldn't know how long you would be kept in the black jail. “Nobody knows,” he explained. “There are lots of petitioners who are old, weak, sick and disabled kept in the black jail. There was also a child who was only four years old. Since his parents were put into the black jail, so was he. There is nothing in there, not even toilet paper.”

A Beijing human rights activist said that the human rights movements inspired by petitioners have awakened lots of people. “They don't want to bow to the CCP's tyranny anymore,” he said.

Until now, over 27 million people have sent their declaration to The Epoch Times Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP website to withdraw from the CCP, the Communist Youth League and the Communist Young Pioneers.