Grimm Season 3 Premiere: Episode 1 Airing on Friday Night

January 3, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Grimm Season 3 has its start date on January 3, with the popular NBC show beginning at 9 p.m. EDT

In Episode 1, titled “Red Menace,” Captain Renard returns to Portland to Portland to help Nick and Hank search for a Wesen that targets prominent members of Portland’s Russian community, according to NBC.

Previously, Captain Renard was in Austria to help the burgeoning anti-Royals movement. Adalind, also in Austria, was summoned to meet Eric Renard’s replacement, Viktor, who knows about the child she’s carrying.

The shows creators, David Greenwalt and James Kouf, told TVLine that the situation in Europe will evolve in the new season.

But the gang will also be in Portland and find out about the Hexenbiest’s impending blessed event, “and all these various factions and de-factions — if that’s a word — will come together,” Greenwalt said.

“It’s going to cause a heck of a lot of turmoil for Nick’s life” — and by the end of the season storylines will cross, creating a “big mess.”

The creators also hinted that as the show moves toward the wedding of Rosalee and Monroe, both of their families will appear.


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