Grey or Blue and Red? Color of These Pills the Latest Online Debate

December 1, 2015 Updated: December 1, 2015

In the greatest debate since the color of the dress, people are arguing over what color these pills are.

The dress debate blew up online, with some people claiming it was white and gold while others thought it was blue and black.

The reason was pegged as linked to how one’s retinas function. 

Now everyone is arguing over the color of these pills, in a picture widely circulated online over Twitter, Facebook, and other websites. 

The photo shows two hands holding a pill each, with one hand colored yellow and the other blue. But the debate is over the color of the pills, with some saying both are all grey, while others see one blue and one red.

“Im the only one in my family who sees those pills as blue and red,” said one Twitter user.


“The pills are gray it’s just the color of the hands and background that make them look different colors,” said another.

The results from a poll from Buzzfeed show 58 percent (4,078) people say they’re grey, while 42 percent (2,991) say they’re red and blue.

It’s unclear where the picture originated. 

An Australian radio station claims to have figured it out, saying: “After some Photoshop investigation, it is clear that the pills are picked up as grey by the color palette.”

“However, due to the yellow and blue hands, the illusion of the ‘red and blue’ pill is created,” SeaFM added. “The illusion is similar to that from this photo, where the pills look like different colors but are in fact both the same color.”

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