Greek Tanker Sinks Near Athens, One Dead

March 5, 2012 Updated: March 7, 2012

A Greek tanker sank off the coast of Athens on Monday, killing the captain, according to local media reports.

The tanker was carrying around 2,000 tons of oil and diesel near the port of Piraeus, the coastguard told Reuters. 

An official said they were able to recover the body of the captain, who “was just found dead,” according to the news agency. 

The captain “was found a level below the deck,” a press officer with the coastguard told AFP. Officials said there were 10 other people on board, and they made it to safety.

The 1,800 tons of oil and 250 tons of diesel pose no immediate risk to the marine environment, the press officer said.

“No leak has been detected so far, but we have floating barriers in position just in case,” she told AFP.

The ship likely struck the wreckage of another ship that sank in the shallow bay around Athens, an official added.