Get Your Greek Yogurt On at Nolita’s New Greecologies

March 18, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Greecologies is churning out handmade, authentic traditional Greek yogurt at its new shop in Nolita.

Boasting both “strained” and “traditional” yogurts, the menu features savory and sweet takes on the age-old dish. There are made-to-order smoothies like Sour Cherry & Himalayan Salt and Carrot & Mint; and you can also top your yogurt with Greek salad ingredients like feta cheese and olive oil.

Aside from the decadent goodness, Greecologies also carries artisanal products like organic strained tomatoes, honey, and made-in-Greece preserves in flavors like Rose Petal, Strawberry, and Carrot.

Greecologies will be serving coffee from Intelligentsia, offering a robust coffee program including butter coffee, which is a frothy blend of organic coffee, MCT oil, and housemate grass-fed whey butter. MCT oil is refined coconut oil.

379 Broome St.