‘Great White Shark Tears [Ripped] Captain Apart in Seconds’ Full Video is a Scam

May 23, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A post that’s claiming to have video footage of a great white shark tearing apart a captain is fake.

The whole scam posting reads: “[UNCUT] Great White Shark Tears Captain apart in Seconds … [FULL VIDEO] Captain Ripped Apart in Seconds By White Shark.”

According to About.com, the scam is designed to promise “one thing [but] delivers another.”

“The first thing that happens if you dare to click (which I don’t recommend) is you’re prompted to share the video — before viewing it — with everyone on your friend list. The second thing that happens is you’re instructed to fill out an online survey — which is the real reason you were lured to the external site in the first place (the scammers make money off this). If you’re patient enough to complete the survey, you may or may not be redirected to a YouTube video of Rick Astley singing his 1987 hit, ‘Never Gonna Give You Up,’” About says.

Last month, Facebook said it would try to clean up scam posts, but it appears that it’s not entirely effective.

According to security blogger Graham Cluley, Facebook wrote: “Some stories in News Feed use inaccurate language or formatting to try and trick people into clicking through to a website that contains only ads or a combination of frequently circulated content and ads. For instance, often these stories claim to link to a photo album but instead take the viewer to a website with just ads.”