Great Paper

November 5, 2020 Updated: November 5, 2020

As a 63-year-old recently retired government lawyer, I’d have told anyone who said I’d be looking more forward to receiving an off-beat newspaper than my monthly pension check that they were nuts. I would have been wrong. Your staff (and the folks at World magazine) present the news to a needy public as it should be told.

I think it was The New York Times that used the subtitle “all the news that’s fit to print.”  Well, in my opinion, you have supplanted the Times in the 21st century. But what’s even better is that you do it with journalists who can write in a style that’s accessible, not erudite, stuffy, or privileged. Well done! You all deserve a raise, and I’ll contribute what I can. In the meantime, I carry your paper with me wherever I go and get daily opportunities to talk up the paper to the folks here in Milwaukee.

John Heinen