Grandpa Admiring a Vintage Mercedes Gets a Shock When Family Reveals the Owner’s Name

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
February 3, 2019 Updated: February 3, 2019

The best gift comes straight from the heart, and when you receive one not on your birthday or at Christmas, it’s surely a surprise. In the case of this unsuspecting 88-year-old grandfather, who was attending his granddaughter’s birthday party, his family fulfilled a longtime dream of his with this gift.

Olivia Cardone Hasson was celebrating her birthday at the family home in Carol Streams, Illinois. The whole family was gathered together, including her grandparents.

The moment to unveil a big gift came, and her grandfather came out to look. After he descended the stairs, he walked towards the garage, where a vehicle was parked with a car cover on. When the car cover was lifted up from the back, Grandfather could see the famous Mercedes-Benz logo.

“Whoa!” he exclaimed, admiring the beauty of the car. The whole cover was lifted away, and everyone saw it was a vintage Mercedes 450SL.

A relative asked, “Whose car is that?”

“Grandpa’s!” was the answer. But Grandfather was so busy gazing at the car, he didn’t hear the reply that the car was his!

Grandfather assumed the Mercedes-Benz was a birthday present for Hasson, until someone told him the car was actually his.

“They bought it for you,” a woman told him.

“What are you talking about?” Grandfather said in disbelief. “You kiddin’? Honest?”

Hasson’s parents had bought her grandfather the Mercedes, which he had coveted ever since her mother was a little girl.

Once the shocking news sank in, Grandfather was speechless and got teary-eyed; he was overcome with emotion. The family then yelled out to “put him in there.” Grandfather walked to his new car and hopped into the driver’s seat.

“I can’t believe this,” Grandfather said while marveling at the car.

“You always wanted a Mercedes. Now you got it!” the grandmother said.

The heartwarming moment was captured on video and uploaded online by Hasson.

“My parents are the most incredibly generous people I know and decided to get my grandfather the car he’s always wanted,” Hasson’s video caption read. “It was great because he thought that it was a birthday gift for me.”

“Grandpa was just so cute that I had to share,” Hasson wrote.

Then, the family let out another secret … the car was previously owned by a superstar model! Grandfather didn’t seem to care for that tidbit too much; he was probably still overwhelmed and focused on his new, smooth ride.

Watching Grandfather receive his surprise gift was very touching. His daughter never forgot about his lifelong wish to drive his dream car, and she made it come true.

Watch the video below to see Grandfather’s sweet reaction and to find out who the previous celebrity owner was:

Grandpa finally gets the present he always wanted 💝Credit: JukinVideo

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