Grandmother Arrested for Killing Husband, Using Grandson for Killing

April 8, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Grandmother arrested for killing:  A Chicago grandmother was arrested and charged with the murder of her husband, allegedly hiring her grandson as a hitman to carry out the dirty deed, it was reported.

Janet Strickland, 64, was arrested last week and was charged with a count of first-degree murder and a count of armed robbery with a firearm in connection with her husband, 72-year-old William Strickland.

Janet Strickland’s bail was set at $500,000 on Sunday, reported the Chicago Tribune. Her 19-year-old grandson, who is also named William Strickland, was also ordered to be held without bail for carrying out the murder.

“She stated … that she wished he was not here and she wanted him gone,” Assistant State’s Attorney Jacqueline Kwilos said during a bond hearing, according to the paper.

Authorities told CBS News that Janet Strickland was “sick” of her husband and wanted him killed. He was allegedly shot and killed on his way to a doctor’s appointment.

The younger William Strickland is accused of shooting the elder Strickland six times in the back as he exited from his home in the South Side of Chicago, according to CBS.

During the shooting, Janet Strickland reportedly simply looked on as her husband was killed before she took a bag filled with money that belonged to her husband and took her grandson on a shopping trip, including buying him a new car. He also allegedly took his grandfather’s wallet and used the cash to buy tattoos, a new phone, and shoes.

Prosecutors told DNAInfo in Chicago that the shooting had been planned several weeks in advance.

Kwilos said that the two “discussed on numerous occasions killing the victim,” according to the website.

“[Janet Strickland] stated numerous times to her grandson that she was sick of his grandfather and that she wanted her husband dead. She stated she wished he was not here and she wanted him gone,” she said.