Grandfather Steps in During Attempted Kidnapping of 3-Year-Old at Park in California

January 16, 2017 Updated: January 16, 2017

A woman attempted to abduct two children over the weekend, but was thwarted in the process by their grandfather.

The grandfather was with his two grandchildren near a duck pond at Ashford Park in Auburn, California. Then, the young woman made her move.

“[Lindsay] Frasher approached one of the children, called her by a different name and tried to take her,” said Sergeant Gary Hopping, with the Auburn Police Department, told Fox40.

Frasher, 28, wrapped her arms around the child’s body but the grandfather fought back.

“It was a tug of war over the little girl,” said Hopping.

(Auburn Police)
(Auburn Police)

The unnamed grandfather and two others then kept Frasher at the park until the Auburn Police Department got there, adding that police said the woman wasn’t known to the family at all.

It’s unclear if she suffered from mental illness.

Police arrested her, charged her with kidnappinng, and placed her in Placer County Jail.

Cheyanne Martinez, a local mother, said she was at same park where the attempted kidnapping took place. “Just even letting them run off far enough to where I can’t get to them fast enough makes me nervous,” she said.