Grand Central Terminal Power Outage Leaves Commuters Literally in the Dark

February 15, 2016 Updated: February 15, 2016

New York City’s Grand Central Terminal has had a power outage on Monday morning, Feb. 15, leaving some commuters in the dark and stranded.

The New York Daily News described the outage as several “hours long,” and it forced commuters to travel through darkened corridors.

The outage has impacted the Metro-North service, and some ticket machines weren’t working. The outage started after 9 a.m. local time on the terminal’s lower level.

MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan said trains are working on the upper level. “The trains that would have used the lower level instead are using the upper level. There is plenty of capacity on the upper level today with the Saturday schedule in effect,” Donovan told CBS NY.

A spokesperson for Metro-North said the call came in at around 9:30 a.m. regarding the outage, PIX-11 TV reported.

The outage is being blamed on water hitting a transformer, officials and witnesses told PIX-11.

Brian Quintana, 20, said he works at the facility’s Shake Shack and described what happened when the power went out.

“I had my hands on the blender and it goes pitch black. Boom! It was unexpected,” Quintana told the Daily News. 

“It reminded of the movie ‘The Purge.’ I saw the trailer last night,” Quintana added. “It happened fast. It was pitch black for several minutes then some light came on. We were escorted out about 10 minutes later.”



As of 11 a.m., power was restored to the main lobby, although the Lexington Avenue and Vanderbilt corridors were dark.

Only the main entrance is open and other doors are being blocked by police, reports said.