Grab-and-Go El Vez Burrito Opens in Battery Park City

March 18, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

El Vez, Stephen Starr’s Mexican eatery, is Battery Park City latest addition as it opens its casual offshoot, El Vez Burritos, for those craving a quick meal made with restaurant-quality ingredients.

The grab-and-go burrito bar will be offering specialty burritos like the Mission Style Burrito and Frito Pie with ground beef and Fritos. Similar to Chipotle, customers can also create their own burrito starting with a base of flour tortilla, rice bowl, lettuce bowl, tortilla chips, or a three-cheeses wrap. Proteins include carne asada, grilled chicken, and mushroom and kale. Toppings touch on flavors from around the world include burrito-musts like salsa and guacamole; and the more unconventional like grilled scallion with lemon, crispy quinoa, and Napa cabbage kimchi.

Wash down the burrito with a margarita, Corona, or Mexican Coca-Cola. There will also be horchata and chocolate soft-service ice cream with toppings like corn flakes, churro stars, sweet pumpkin seeds, and caramelized milk.

El Vez Burrito
259 Vesey St.