‘Government to introduce 22 000 Black Mambas to help eradicate cane toads’ Article is Satire

January 24, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

An article titled “Government to introduce 22 000 Black Mambas to help eradicate cane toads” is actually satire.

The article from the Burdekin Herald says that the Australian government will introduce the highly venomous snake to “farms and urban backyards around the Burdekin,” a river in Australia. Cane toads are considered an invasive species in the country.

“The Black Mamba, a snake native to northern Africa is among the most venomous, fastest and aggressive in the world with a bite that can kill a human in 13 minutes. Mr Matevellio said the jury was still out on whether the Black Mamba will hunt the cane toads, ‘Currently, there is no evidence that these snakes hunt cane toads, so this is just a trial. I can’t make any promises that the toad population will be reduced. We’ll have to wait and see,’ reads the satire.

The Burdekin Herald is satire, according to its disclaimer.

“The contents of this site are entirely fictional and are meant as a parody. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental, even if they have the same names and are exactly alike in every respect except for a potentially defamatory one,” it reads.

Cane toads were introduced into Australia in the 1930s as an attempt to control native beetles that went after sugar cane crops. The toads have since turned into an environmental menace.