New Government Resource Helps With Financial Depression

March 31, 2009 Updated: March 31, 2009

A new online government resource released March 31 provides “practical advice and hope” for anyone suffering from financial-related depression or other emotional health issues amid the financial crisis.

The guide, “Getting Through Tough Economic Times” was released by the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) in collaboration with other government agencies and the Suicide Prevention Center.

It provides information on how economic conditions can effect people's physical and mental health, while giving advice on identifying health concerns and developing coping skills.

Also given are ways to find help if needed.

Among the outlined subjects is how economic-related woes such as mortgage foreclosure, unemployment, and loss of investment value can pose problems to both emotional and physical health.

The guide is based on scientific literature and findings from the past 20 years. It warns that for many people, economic hardships can lead to conditions including depression, anxiety, excessive gambling, and substance abuse.

Advice is also provided. Among the points is to “Acknowledge that economic downturns can be frightening to everyone, but that there are ways of getting through them – from engaging in healthy activities, positive thinking, supportive relationships, to seeking help when needed from health professionals.”

To help weather the financial storm, it also encourages the working “together to help all members of the community build their resiliency and successfully return to healthy and productive lives.”

The guide can be found at:

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