Gotham TV Show: All Named Cast Members of Batman Prequel So Far

February 14, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Gotham television show will air on Fox and act as a prequel to Batman.

Names are being confirmed as part of the show as time goes on. Let’s check out who has been confirmed so far.

-Ben McKenzie (Southland, The O.C.) is Jim Gordon, who the show will focus on.

-Robin Lord Taylor (Walking Dead, Another Earth) is The Penguin.

-Zabrayna Guevara (Burn Notice) is Captain Essen, Gordon’s boss at the Gotham City Police Department’s homicide unit.

-Donal League (Vikings) will be Detective Harvey Bullock, who is also part of the police force.

-Sean Pertwee (Elementary, Camelot) is Alfred Pennyworth, the butler who has served the Wayne family for years

-Erin Richards (Breaking In, Being Human) is Barbara Kean, an emergency room doctor who is engaged to Gordon.

The series will also be an origin story for Batman as much as it is for Gordon, Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly said, reported The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s Gotham teetering on the edge,” he said. “This is all of the classic Batman characters.”

Roles including a young Bruce Wayne, the Joker, and Catwoman haven’t been cast yet.

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