GOP Presidential Debate: Candidates Name Their Weaknesses, Slam Opponents

By The Associated Press
The Associated Press
The Associated Press
October 28, 2015 Updated: October 28, 2015

BOULDER, Colo.—The Republican presidential candidates are debated for the third time in the 2016 nomination contest, this time in battleground Colorado, as they competed to narrow down the wide-open contest.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said his biggest weakness is that he’s “too agreeable.” He was kidding.

The notably fiery Cruz, who often stands against his own party in Congress, said his biggest weakness is actually that he’s a fighter who is passionate about the Constitution.

Chris Christie wasted no time in lashing out at Democrats.

The New Jersey governor used an opening question about his greatest weakness to clobber the three Democratic candidates for president.

Dr. Ben Carson subtly belittled his Republican rivals at the GOP debate in Boulder, by promising not to engage in negative campaigning.

Yet he said in discussing his greatest weakness that he doesn’t really see himself “in that position” of president of the United States.

Carson, leading in Iowa and national polls, said he didn’t see himself as president until the “hundreds of thousands of people” who are supporting him persuaded him to run.

Donald Trump said his greatest weakness is that he is too trusting.

In his first answer of the third Republican debate, Trump responding to a question about his biggest weakness said that he trusts “people too much.”

But on the flip side, Trump said if people let him down, “I never forgive.”

Jeb Bush said he’s impatient and he can’t fake anger.

Bush said he believes “this is still the most extraordinary country on the face of the earth and it troubles me that people are rewarded for tearing down this country.”

He said, “It’s never been that way in American politics before and I can’t do it.”

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said proposals from his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination are “just fantasy.”

He slammed proposals from neurosurgeon Ben Carson and developer Donald Trump as unrealistic and deficit-busting. Kasich has proposed a large tax cut as well and promised to balance the budget through unspecified cuts.