GOP Can Capitalize on Democratic Primaries

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
July 19, 2021 Updated: July 19, 2021

Trevor Loudon, in an article published earlier this year in The Epoch Times on March 10 [“A New Zealander’s 9 ‘Starter Steps’ to Save America From Socialism”], stated that “Trump was outmaneuvered” out of his office. That got me to thinking, cannot the communist-globalist-traitor-backed Democrats be beaten at their own game?

If the GOP’s enemies are weaponizing the primaries against the Republicans by having their ranks (which include independents and communists) vote for the weakest Republicans, then why not take Loudon’s suggestion to strategically close all the Republican primaries? Why not go even further and turn the tables via Republicans voting for the best of the worst Democrats in their primaries? Even if it means temporarily switching party affiliations, so be it. Some of the Democrats’ proposed election changes such as no-fault absentee ballots, no ID, and early voting can be used to the Republicans’ advantage in voting for the Democratic candidates that they choose in the Democrats’ own primaries. They can cancel their affiliation soon after, and where same-day registration is enacted, they can more easily re-register as a Republican the day of November’s elections.

Having some fun with this, rather than using all their time leading up to the primaries campaigning for themselves, Republicans can instead support the least offensive Democrats to make sure those people beat out the God-hating, America-destroying Democratic left. In this way, come November, the GOP candidate pool will not have been bludgeoned into watered-down RINOs, and some truly decent-minded registered Democratic candidates, who may otherwise feel hopeless against their party establishment, might make it through the primary gauntlet with the help of Republicans. How ironic would that be?

By the time Democrats figure out that they have been out-flanked and beaten at their own game, it will be too late for the 2022 elections, as victory after victory for the highest quality candidates comes pouring in. If the socialist Democrats expected any chance of regrouping after such losses, they would need to abandon their primaries prior to 2024 as well.

Perhaps an unanticipated bonus to all this would be that “non-affiliated” registrants such as myself, as well as members of all other parties, would no longer be disenfranchised from the original electing process, which, I believe, our Founding Fathers conceived, where a primary-less, fairer playing field can once again be established for our autumn-time elections.

Mike Rybacki


The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn