Goose Egg Bears Words: God Has Already Arrived

March 24, 2009 Updated: March 24, 2009

Eight years ago in northeastern China, a goose egg was found bearing five Chinese characters meaning “god has already arrived” and “lord.” Chinese authorities took care to hide this news from the public, and the egg later went missing. Recently, the egg was rediscovered when a Chinese lady Zhou Jinglian (not her real name) sent an email to The Epoch Times together with some photos and video of the egg. Zhou said the egg may be outside China, and asked The Epoch Times to help find it. Zhou said she decided to contact The Epoch Times because the newspaper published a report about this egg on August 5, 2005.

In April 2001 a retired truck driver in Heilongjiang Province named Liu Xueshun found that his goose had laid an egg bearing the five characters. The four words “god has already arrived” circled the side of the egg, and the word “lord” is at the bottom of the egg.

The news soon spread and many went to Liu’s home to see the egg. The authorities, however, soon banned the media from reporting the news, and announced in a TV program that the egg was merely a rumor. Later, the egg went missing.

Zhou told The Epoch Times that Liu’s wife, Gao Zhongqin, is a religious person. In 2001, a Falun Gong practitioner told Gao that the god she was waiting for had already come and was already spreading the truth in the teachings of Falun Gong. Gao doubted it, but soon after that conversation her goose laid the egg.

The egg was later passed to the south and possessed by many people. It finally reached the hands of a Falun Gong practitioner who sucked out the yolk and white with an injector and made a case to protect the shell. The same practitioner also took photos and video of the egg as a record.

A collector once offered 100,000 yuan (US$14,646) for the egg, but the practitioner refused to sell. Instead he gave it to another Falun Gong practitioner who was preparing to leave China, and asked the latter to give the egg to The Epoch Times. But later they fell out of touch due to the persecution, and thus lost the whereabouts of the egg. Zhou believes the egg is already abroad.

The Falun Gong practitioner who made the video footage was kidnapped and harassed repeatedly by Chinese authorities, and could not find the CD disc in which the video and photos were saved. Recently, another practitioner found the CD, and asked Zhou to forward the materials to The Epoch Times.

Zhou has asked The Epoch Times to find the egg because she believes the egg can help people find the true god that they have been waiting for so long.

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